Bosham at high tide
Had a lovely walk with my dog, Henry, this lunchtie, a high tide of 5.2m, a low sun, with calm sea’s and warm weather. A great combination to take the camera with me.
Autumn Light
This autumn in the UK we have been treated to a spectacle of colour, thanks to the warm sunny weather, no rain and little wind.
Animated Gif of Sebastien Loeb at FoS
Thought I’d have a bit of fun putting together animated Gif of Sebastien Loeb driving Nicki Sainthill around the Goodwood Festival of speed Rally course. Shot on my Canon 1Dx at 12 frames a second, this is a set of 18 images combined. I don’t think the people in the background had any idea of what to expect; dust and rocks flying; when the car came around the corner! Such a great moment to capture!
Fighting Fire Photo shoot
As part of a new project, I photographed the Goodwood Airport fire fighting team this week up at the Tag Farnborough airfield. Really please with the imagery I captured, I hope you like it too. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.
Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race
Having been invited to come along and support one of the Devizes to Westminster International kayak training session teams, I thought it would be great to make a visual story of the day that they can use to help raise some awareness. 
Sunrise over Cayetana
The last morning of my visit to California took me out onto the Cayetana Ranch before sunrise to help out with the ponies on the ranch.
Humbled by Humboldt Redwoods
On a road trip up along the Pacific Coast of Northern California past Mendocino and Fort Bragg during the summer
Cerro Pampa barn supper
A few photographs from a lovely evening supper spent with friends of Cerro Pampa Polo Club, hosted by Elizabeth, of Stick & Ball, in one of the barns on the ranch.
Enjoying the views
Visiting Northern California to shoot some photography, I took a road trip along the Pacific coast to Dillion’s Beach. A surf beach I have heard of many times about back in England and have longed to visit.
California hills
Summer (2014) I was photographing a polo tournament near Petaluma at a ranch called Cerro Pampa in the hills of Northern California. My first visit to this region apart from going to LA and Malibu a few times, and I was blown away by the beauty of the landscape that surrounds this area.
Squid fishing
Having worked hard for five days shooting polo & people in and around Hua Hin.
Green light!
Having explored ‘Dolphin Bay’, and finding the owners of the little green light boats, I talked with a family to see if I could go out with them fishing one evening.
Hidden Temple
The last of my journey exploring hidden parts of Thailand took me a little further South this time, to a location only accessible by boat. I hiked up the side of the hollow mountain, which looked very much like an old volcano. Once on top, I had to climb down again into the depths of the mountain.
Harbour study
I’ve sailed on and around Chichester Harbour for a good many years, and always love the views I see from different locations, at different times of year.